Alejandro Pérez Alvarez

I find the documentary character of photography fascinating, the testimonial fidelity found in each image, its immediacy ... its margin of error.
Alejandro Perez cuban photographer artist

Born in Havana, Cuba, my studies included graphic design at the Institute of Design in Cuba, where I graduated in 2013 and worked as a professor until 2016. This academic education had a considerable influence on my photography. The enjoyment of simplicity, daring compositions and conscious play with colors and light to build images are characteristics that have distinguished my work since then.

Growing up in Havana, a city full of life, took me to its streets as the first stage of my work. But creating portraits has deepened my insights and the human being became a recurring protagonist in my projects.

In 2009 I collaborated with the Cuban writer Reina M. Rodriguez in the publication of the book "Variedades de Galiano" for which I illustrated, with photographs of scenes and characters from Havana, the stories that the book weaves. Years later, this collaboration continued and materialized in the book trilogy "Otras Mitologias,” recently published in Cuba.

In 2011 I began "The Silence of a body” a photographic series that gave me my first solo exhibition in 2014 at La Fototeca de Cuba. Since then this work has been exhibited in galleries in Havana, the United States and France. As part of Madeleine Plonsker's collection "The Light in Cuban Eyes”, my photographs have been presented in group exhibitions by Robert Mann Gallery (NYC 2015), Jenkins Johnson Gallery (San Francisco 2015), AIPAD (NYC 2017) and New Orleans Jazz Fest 2017. This 2018, "The Silence of a body" was exhibited at Soho Photo Gallery, NYC.

In 2015, in addition to my creative projects, I began to work as organizer and instructor of photographic workshops in Cuba. My aim has been for the participants to transcend the superficial vision of a tourist and dig into the roots of a fascinating and captivating Cuba, discovering its people, landscapes, customs and history, through photography.



The Light In Cuban Eyes / The Madeleine P. Plonsker Collection of Contemporary Cuban Photography

Plonsker's collection documents the artistic path of contemporary Cuban photography from 1992 (when the Soviets left the island) to the present. A book of the same name was published in 2015 by Lake Forest College.


Hacer fotos conscientemente / Interview to Inter Press Service 2016

Las imagenes de Alejandro P, más allá de los colores, los escenarios, la teatralidad proponen un examen hacia adentro, hacia el sentir de los seres humanos y su proyección en determinados contextos sociales.


Nîmes: trois regards cubains s'affichent à NegPos /  Article about Exhibition at NEGPOS Nimes, France 2015

L 'atelier du cours Nemausus accroche aux cimaises les images de trois jeunes photographes qui radiographient leur pays.


Ten Cuban photographers you should know / Article about the Exhibition "The light in Cuban eyes" at Robert Mann Gallery, NYC 2015

More than 100 years ago, a broad slab of concrete was placed along the seashore in Cuba, stretching five miles from Old Havana to the city’s business district.